Gao Kaizhou, a Researcher from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Presents a Report

author:蒋志伟     Release time:2017-06-11     viewed:21 

On May 19, Gao Kaizhou, a researcher from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, was invited to our university and presented an academic report titled as “An Intelligence Algorithm on Evolution and Clustering of Urban Traffic Problem” in Room 309, Building 6.

In the report, Gao Kaizhou introduced in detail the constituent elements of urban transportation system, combined with optimization algorithms like the genetic algorithm (GA), the artificial bee colony (ABC), the Jaya algorithm, the water cycling algorithm (WCA), and the harmony searching (HS) algorithm, elaborated in-depth the scheduling problem in urban traffic for first tier cities, and interacted with the teachers and students onsite. The report, with rich content, detailed and accurate data, broadened the field of vision of the teachers and students onsite and opened up their minds.

Teachers and students of the Department of Mathematics listened to the report.

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