Teacher’s Day Celebration and Honor-granting Meeting of 2017 was Held in BZU

author:蒋志伟     Release time:2017-09-12     viewed:14 

With the solemn oath of all teacher representatives, the Teacher’s Day Celebration and Honor-granting Meeting of 2017 was successfully held in the Assembly Hall of BZU on the morning of September 7. Leaders of BZU participated the meeting, including Mr. Luo Gongli, Party Secretary; Mrs. Liu Chunhua, President; Mr. Yang Hongzhang, Vice Party Secretary; Mr. Zhang Yeshang, Vice President; Mrs. Yang Shuyun,Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection with Vice Presidents, Mr. Li Changhai, Mr. Song Shuping and Mr. Hu Bo.

Mr. Luo Gongli congratulated on all the teachers with honors and paid his cordial respects to all faculty of BZU. At the threshold of development in the new age, it was the responsibility of all teachers in Binzhou University to contribute their efforts wholeheartedly. To embrace the dream of a high-level university with aviation feature, all faculty was supposed to take this good opportunity and realize their own transformation development.

With the announcement of top teachers and excellent teachers with good ethics, Mr. Li Changhai introduced the winners of one award nomination of Excellent Teachers with Good Ethics in Shandong Province, five Top Teachers in BZU, 10 Model Teachers of Good Ethics in BZU, 30 Advanced Individuals of Good Ethics in BZU, 30 Excellent Teachers and Service Personnels of CPC Memebers. Three teacher representatives gave their speeches during the meeting. At the end, a documentary of Mr. Huang Da’nian, who sacrificed his life in education, was played in the hall.

The representatives included the leaders of section chief or above in all schools, departments and BZU-affiliated units with all counselors, head teachers of teaching and research sections, teacher and student representatives, etc.

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