EDF in Binzhou University was Qualified with Pre-tax Deduction Pro Bono Donations

author:蒋志伟     Release time:2017-09-12     viewed:14 

According to the recent announcement of the list of Shandong public organization with pre-tax deduction pro bono donations, Education Development Foundation(EDF) of BZU was successful granted with the honor.

With this honor, donators who make contribution to BZU can enjoy preferential policies of deduction for corporate and individual income tax before the taxation.

Since the establishment of EDF in November, 2016, Binzhou University has adhered to relevant laws and regulations in implementing various public benefic activities. With initiative offer of pre-tax deduction pro bono donations, donors could receive preferences of tax deduction in their devotion. This honor is a recognition of good work of EDF as well as solid foundation of its future development.

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