School of Aeronautics Engineering

College of Aeronautical Engineering was founded in July 2015, based on the former Department of Optoelectronic Engineering. As BinZhou University formally adopted the goal of developing the university as a high level application university with aviation as its main feature, The Department of Optoelectronic Engineering was renamed as the College of Aeronautical Engineering, which was one of the 4 aviation departments of the University.

At present, the College of Aeronautical Engineering consists of Aircraft Engineering, Electronic and Information Engineering (including intelligent electronic and Aerospace Electronics), Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering. It also has 3 undergraduate majors and the application of Electronic Technology (UAV control) 1 specialty. There are 774 students in this college. There are 50 teaching staff, 45 of whom are full-time teachers; The teaching team includes 14 professors and associate professors, 11 with doctorate degrees, and 32with master's degrees. It has one expert from the Central Organization Department. 1000 people plan to work in our college.

Disciplines and professional construction has been strengthened. Electronic Information Engineering is granted as a provincial-level specialty, provincial professional development support professional,and innovation training mode of the Provincial Personnel experimentation area; “The Electronic Technology Foundation” and six other courses are ranked as provincial excellent curriculum; Electrical and Electronic Experiment Teaching Center, which has the digital technology and information processing and Aerospace Engineering Laboratory, Key Laboratory of optoelectronic materials and devices in Binzhou City, have served as provincial experimental teaching demonstration center.

College of Aeronautical Engineering is famous for its excellent teaching, scientific research and student management. In recent years, more than 120 research projects, 15 textbooks-compiling programs have been undertaken independently or cooperatively. Our professors also have published 5 books, monographs and more than 290 research papers and won more than 130 national patents. There are more than 40 research achievements which won the provincial and municipal outstanding scientific research achievement awards, some awarded by the Binzhou City Science and Technology City Progress Prize. Many teachers also won the first prizes in Binzhou City Youth Science and technology Prize and Binzhou University Science and Technology Progress Prize. In the Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest and other students’ physical science and technology innovation contests, our students won 6 national first prizes, 18 second prizes, 2 province's special prizes, 49 first prizes, and 111 second prizes. Since 2008, the pass rates to national post-graduates entrance examination of our college graduates have a leading position in our province. In 2013, the physics major’s pass rate for national postgraduate entrance examination was 72.2%; Physics class 2’s enrollmentrate was 84.6% in 2005, and the enrollment rate of 2006 Electronic Information Science and Technology was 62.3%, and the rate of admission was 76.5% for Telecom class 2.

The College of Aeronautical Engineering has been repeatedly granted prizes as follows: the Summer Three Provincial Advanced Collective Teaching Activities in the countryside; the Comprehensive Management of Advanced Units; Advanced Unit of Research, Campus Security and “Safe Campus” Advanced Units; Binzhou City 54 Red Flag Youth, and Binzhou University Red Flag Youth Honorary Title. More than 3000 qualified talents have been sent to the community, many of whom have become experts, professors, academic leaders and business backbones in this field.




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