Famous Bass Singer Zhang Jianlu Came to the School for a Lecture

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2019-04-28     viewed:10 

On April 15th, Zhang Jianlu, a well-known bass singer from Binzhou, held a vocal lecture in the rehearsal hall of the Music Building. All the professional teachers and vocal subjects of the teaching and research section of the School of Art listened to the lectures.
         Zhang Jianlu talked about his own history of opera and his knowledge. He also made suggestions for professional learning. He pointed out that in opera, psychological cues are very important. I must constantly remind myself of the shortcomings and sing in the most relaxed state. Perform, listen to some excellent works, and improve yourself in constant exploration.
The whole lecture lasted for two hours, and the applause burst, and the students all said that they benefited a lot from the lecture.
         Zhang Jianlu graduated from the Music Department of Shandong Normal University and the Zhou Xiaoyan Opera Center of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He is currently living in Germany and has participated in many famous opera works. He has been invited to perform in Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and has been widely praised.

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