The 15th Athletics Games of Our School was Successfully Held

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On April 25th, the 15th track and field meeting of our school was successfully held on April 25-26. Party secretary Liu Chunhua, deputy secretary of the party committee, principal Li Changhai, deputy secretary of the party committee Song Shuping, party committee member, vice president Hu Bo, Li Weinian, Yang Yusen, party committee member, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Wu Changfu, party committee member, organization leader Sun Caishun, united front leader Lin Xiaojin attended the opening ceremony , closing ceremony, and awarded the individuals and groups.
        The Games received extensive attention and active participation from teachers and students. A total of 2,830 teachers and students participated in the opening performance, 21 student teams and 23 faculty teams, and 1431 athletes participated in the competition of 12 groups and 96 projects. 185 referees took part in the games. After two days of fierce competition, the Flying College student team, the Art College student team, and the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College student team were awarded the top three in the student group A group; the 2018 physical education major undergraduate class 1 team, 2017 class The 2nd class of the undergraduate course of physical education major and the class 1 of the class of physical education major of 2017 are the top three in the group B of the student group; the faculty team of the College of Biological and Environmental Engineering, the fourth branch of the organization, the chemical and safety The college faculty representative team was divided into the top three in the faculty group. The Aviation Academy, the College of Art, the School of Teacher Education, the School of Combat, the School of Humanities, the School of Airports, the School of Aeronautical Engineering, and the School of Chemical Engineering and Safety have won the Sports Ethics Award. The School of Physical Education, the Flying College, and the College of Art won special awards.

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