Two Institutions Were Entitled the 2019 Shandong Science Education Base

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2019-07-11     viewed:10 

Recently, Shandong Science and Technology Association announced the list of the 2019 Shandong Science Education Base. The Aviation Science Education Base of the School of Flight and the Yellow River Delta Ecological Environment Research Center were entitled the 2019 Shandong Science Popularization Education Base.
         The scientific education base of Shandong Province is aimed at creating a good atmosphere of science education in the whole society, and further improve the scientific quality of the whole people. Through the declaration, preliminary evaluation and recommendation of the municipal science associations, the provincial science association organized the evaluation, field spot check, public notice and other procedures, 268 units were named as the 2019 Shandong Science Education Base.

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