School Leader Check and Investigate the Engineering Training Center

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2019-07-22     viewed:10 

       On July 16, Hu Bo, a member of the Party Committee and vice president, went to the Engineering Training Center to inspect and investigate the site and solve various problems related to aviation connotation construction.
        Hu Bo visited the engineering training center in real time, inspected all the laboratories in the south and north workshops, conducted on-site work on aviation connotation construction, pointed out the importance and urgency of the various tasks currently faced by the school, and emphasized the need to strengthen the combing of the problems. According to the on-site inspection and investigation, Hu Bo pointed out that the engineering training center should further strengthen the aviation characteristics and aviation culture construction, intensify the innovation of the aviation sector, provide a rich and rich practice for all kinds of students in the school; actively cooperate the aviation institutions inside and outside the province. Enterprises and institutions should take the initiative to go to the company, study and research in the institute, expand the scope of services, improve the quality of service, and give play to the aviation advantages of our school.

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