The Inspection Team for The Spring Restarting Conditions of Colleges and Universities in Shandong Came to the School for Verification Work

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2020-05-18     viewed:10 

In order to promote the epidemic prevention and control of colleges and universities in a safe and orderly manner for students returning to school in the spring semester of 2020, on May 13th, Zhang Fengkui, director of the Self-Study Examination Office of Shandong Provincial Education Admissions Examination Institute, led the inspection team of 6 people to carry out the examination of the conditions for restarting school. The verification work report meeting was held in the third lecture hall. Party Committee Secretary Liu Chunhua, Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Principal Li Changhai, Party Committee Deputy Secretary Song Shuping, Party Committee Member and Deputy Principal Yang Yusen attended the meeting. Directors from School Office, Student Work Office, Personnel Office, Academic Affairs Office, Logistics Management Office and Security Office attended the meeting.
       Liu Chunhua warmly welcomed the arrival of the inspection and supervision team, and introduced the school from the aspects of formulating work plans for restarting school and students returning to school, preparing epidemic prevention materials, setting up centralized isolation points, organizing emergency drills, promoting online teaching, and graduate employment and ended with the situation of epidemic prevention and control and preparation for the restarting of school.
       After the meeting, the inspection and supervision team strictly followed the Rules for the Verification of the Opening Conditions of the Spring Semester of Higher Education Institutions in Shandong Province in strict accordance with the requirements of materials, random interviews to check the specified verification content, items, the teaching Buildings, restaurants, dormitories, libraries, isolation areas and other key areas.
       At the verification feedback meeting, the verification supervision team fully affirmed our school's epidemic prevention and control and preparation for the start of school, and believed that our school was fully prepared in terms of organizational leadership, prevention and control mechanisms, and epidemic prevention materials, and basically met the conditions for starting school. Post-school management, material security, epidemic prevention training, dormitory management and other aspects have put forward constructive opinions and suggestions for our school's next improvement work.
       Liu Chunhua finally stated that the school will definitely seize the opportunity for the verification and take practical measures in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the recommendations of the experts of the inspection and supervision team to increase the rectification of key links and nodes and further improve the school start conditions.

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