Our School Held a "Dual Service" Work Forum

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2020-05-21     viewed:10 

In order to further enhance our school's ability and level to serve the aviation industry and regional economic and social development, promote the dual service work to a new level, and build the dual service into a new high-level applied university with aviation as the main feature, on May 13, the school held a dual service working symposium in the meeting room 210 in the south tower of the office building. Party committee member and vice president Hu Bo attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
        At the meeting, more than 20 deans of various secondary colleges and heads of relevant departments centered on the cooperation between school-enterprise cooperation, transfer of scientific research achievements, the school's dual service action plan, and Binzhou University's service rich and powerful Binzhou. The work, problems and difficulties, as well as suggestions and opinions for the next work plan were discussed.
        Hu Bo fully affirmed the previous work carried out by all institutions, and put forward specific requirements for our school to deepen service awareness, strengthen service connotation, and further promote the dual service work. He demanded that, first, act actively, improve the position, attach great importance, actively plan, and establish the concept of actively serving social development, as a position for status, support for service, and development for contribution. The second is to overcome the shortcomings in serving society and effectively improve the ability to serve society. The third is to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the dual service work, promote the signed agreements and confirmed service projects to be carefully implemented. The fourth is to establish a long-term communication mechanism with the government and enterprises, further strengthen school integration, and better shoulder the responsibility of serving economic and social development.
       The deans of the affiliated institutions, the directors of the scientific research departments, the school-directed scientific research institutions, the Network and Modern Education Technology Center, the Engineering Training Center, and the Cooperative Development Office attended the meeting.

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