The launching ceremony of the 4th Luban Cultural Festival of the School of Architecture and Engineering was held

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On November 17, the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture held the launching ceremony of the 4th Luban Cultural Festival with the theme of Building Dreams with Ingenuity and Cultivating Luban in Times in the East Square of No. 9 Teaching Building. Party committee member and vice president Sun Yinhe attended the launching ceremony.

At the launching ceremony, Sun Yinhe, heads of relevant departments and business representatives jointly opened the Luban Cultural Festival launch ball. The person in charge of the School of Architecture and Engineering summarized the achievements of the school in academic competitions, postgraduate entrance examinations, and employment in recent years. He hoped that the students would inherit Luban’s aspirations, pass on Luban’s wisdom, and use Luban’s abilities to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Dream contributes wisdom and strength. After the launching ceremony, Sun Yinhe and company representatives visited the theme exhibition areas such as the student innovation and creation outstanding achievement exhibition, VR construction site display, and architectural model building.

Luban Culture is a cultural brand created by the School of Architecture and Engineering, which aims to further cultivate students' practical ability and innovative consciousness. This Luban Cultural Festival focuses on technological innovation and craftsmanship, integrates historical and cultural resources and new-era technological innovation elements, and actively builds a platform for openness and communication. During the period, the Fun Architecture DIY Design Competition and Information Integration, Building Visible will be held. BIM contest, Looking at the world through lens survey skills contest and other events.

The heads of the Youth League Committee, the Academic Affairs Office, the Student Affairs Office, relevant personnel from the Admissions and Employment Office, representatives of enterprises such as Shandong Sanjian Group, all teachers and students of the School of Architecture and Engineering, and student representatives from secondary schools attended the launching ceremony.

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