Huang Pumin was hired as our visiting professor

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On the afternoon of November 11th, Huang Pumin, a professor and doctoral supervisor of the National School of Renmin University of China, was appointed as the visiting professor of our school. Li Weinian, member of the party committee and vice president, issued a letter of appointment as a guest professor. The heads of the Scientific Research Office, Sun Tzu Research Institute and related personnel attended the appointment ceremony.

The appointment ceremony was held in Conference Room 201, South Building of the office building. Li Weinian extended a warm welcome to Huang Pumin's arrival, and introduced the basic situation of our school from the aspects of school characteristics, development goals, talent training, and faculty, especially Sun Tzu's cultural research. He hoped that Professor Huang Pumin would combine his work practice and research field to give full play to his academic leading role and promote the cultural research of our school's grandchildren to a new level. Huang Pumin expressed his gratitude for the school’s trust, and said he would act actively, fulfill his duties, and spare no effort to make his due contribution to the school’s grandson’s cultural studies.

After the appointment ceremony, Huang Pumin gave an academic report entitled The Art of War and Leadership for the teachers and students of our school in the second lecture hall of the Academy Hall. Starting from the text, he combined the competitive, strategic, and command-in-chief aspects of The Art of War of Sun Tzu. He opened up China and foreign countries and connected the past and the present from a broad perspective. He deeply analyzed Sun Tzu's thoughts with vivid cases and comprehensively analyzed. The reference role of Sun Tzu's thought in leadership. The report is in-depth and simple, and it is quoted by others. It combines history and focuses on reality. It has both academic rigor and the humor and wit of modern Internet language. It has won bursts of applause from the audience from time to time.

Huang Pumin is a director of the Chinese History Society, a member of the History Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, and an executive director of the China Sun Tzu Art of War Research Association. He is mainly engaged in the research of Sun Tzu's art of war, Chinese intellectual history, and Chinese military history. Representative scholar of military research. He published nearly 20 academic monographs, published more than 100 academic papers, and have been invited to CCTV, Shaanxi TV, People's Daily Forum,etc.

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