Our School "Planning for a Good Future" Lectures on Studying Abroad

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On the evening of November 6, the school's Planning for a Good Future study abroad lecture was held in the first lecture hall of the Academy Hall. The lecture hall invited the former director of the International Exchange Office of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, the dean of the Reading College, the State Council Special Allowance recipient, and the doctoral tutor Professor Zheng Youfei to give the first lecture for the teachers and students of our school. The theme is Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad and the road to studying abroad under the epidemic. Before the start of the lecture, Hu Bo, a member of the school's party committee and vice president, cordially met with Professor Zheng Youfei.

In the lecture, Professor Zheng first analyzed the current trend of studying abroad by taking the students' choice of countries (regions) and majors to study abroad. Subsequently, Professor Zheng made an in-depth explanation mainly from three aspects: First, it analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of college students studying abroad. He said that studying abroad is a good opportunity to broaden horizons, improve foreign language proficiency, cultivate professional skills and independent living ability, and broaden international horizons. There are advantages and disadvantages to studying abroad, but the overall advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The second is to combine the current situation of the new crown epidemic, explain common problems and countermeasures on the way to study abroad, to help students dispel worries, enhance self-confidence, and establish a correct outlook on studying abroad. The third is to introduce the preparations for studying abroad, the application procedures and precautions for studying abroad during the university, and encourage students to clarify their life goals, work hard, and actively plan their lives in advance. Professor Zheng's lectures are rich in content, explain the profound things in a simple way, have detailed data, have wonderful cases, and have vivid language and heart-to-heart, well received by students. After the lecture, some teachers and students had in-depth exchanges with Professor Zheng.

The school opened a lecture hall for studying abroad, aiming to allow our teachers and students to expand their international vision, enhance their awareness of studying abroad, improve their skills and application success rate, and hope to further strengthen the international training and improvement of teachers and students through the opening of the lecture hall. The level of international schooling of the school. The lecture hall will also launch a series of lectures about studying abroad.

More than 400 students, some teachers and all staff of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of our school's secondary colleges listened to the lecture.

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