School Leaders Check and Guide the Final Exam

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2021-01-08     viewed:10 

On the morning of December 30th, Li Changhai, deputy secretary of the party committee and principal, and Yang Yusen, member of the party committee and vice principal, accompanied by relevant personnel from the Academic Affairs Office and the Logistics Office, conducted an in-depth examination and guidance of the final exam.
        The leaders inspected some examination rooms and electronic monitoring rooms, checked the examination organization on the spot, fully affirmed the examination arrangements and order, and expressed his wishes to the invigilators, school teaching supervision team and related staff. He requested that the role of academic assessment in promoting the construction of the style of study should be effectively brought into play, and the style of examination and discipline should be strictly examined. He hopes that all teaching units will further strengthen the integrity education standardize and improve paper marking and test paper analysis, and create a fair and just learning and examination environment for students.
        The school leaders also visited the offices and laboratories of the School of Architecture and Engineering and the School of Chemical Engineering and Safety, visited teachers and students who are actively preparing for exams, and conducted research and guidance on epidemic prevention and control, heating and other works.

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