The Journey is Promising and We are Forging Ahead Unswervingly

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Dear faculty, students, alumni and friends:

Heavenly rites begin again, and the annual law is updated. At this beautiful moment of saying goodbye to the old and ushering in the new, we would like to express our sincere New Year wishes to all faculty and their family members, as well as for students, retired faculty, alumni, and friends from all walks of life on behalf of the school party committee and administration!

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Facing the severe test brought by COVID-19 epidemic, the school’s party committee and administration earnestly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and the spirit of his speech, strictly implemented the arrangements of the superiors, and always put the life safety and physical health of teachers and students first. Party organizations at all levels in the school build a strong fighting fortress. The majority of party members and cadres are in the front and take the initiative. All teachers in the school devote themselves to online teaching. All students insist on online learning and actively participate in voluntary services. All the people in the university are not afraid of difficulties and dangers and overcome the difficult time. It is tough to build a solid line of defense against the epidemic, and to achieve commendable achievements, and to draw a picture of the original aspiration and brave mission. The school-running level and comprehensive strength have been further enhanced, social visibility and influence have been further expanded, and the development of talent training, scientific research, social services, cultural inheritance and innovation, and international exchanges and cooperation has reached a new level and has taken practical actions. Its own path of transformational development, characteristic development, and high-quality connotation development has written a new chapter in history in the struggle to build a high-level applied university with aviation as its main feature.

In 2020, we will focus on the fundamental point of party building, and promote the development of a comprehensive and strict party management. Persist in the study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the primary political task, in-depth study and publicity to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the 4th and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and promote the normal education of the theme of not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission”. Carry out the Party Building System Implementation Year activity, implement the Creating Soul project for Communist Party members, and complete the exchanges, selection and appointment of department-level cadres, and the general election of grassroots party organizations. Carry out the first round of school inspections and special inspections of ideological work, and firmly grasp the initiative of ideological work leadership. Deepen the construction of party style and clean government, the political awareness, sense of discipline and rules of party members and cadres have been significantly enhanced, the construction of teacher ethics, and the continuous strengthening of party style, teaching style, school style and style of study provide a strong political guarantee and organizational guarantee for the development of the school, Discipline guarantee and style guarantee. In 2020, we will focus on the improvement point of internal governance and promote the modernization of the school governance system and governance capabilities. Strengthen and improve the overall leadership of the party committee over the various undertakings of the school, adhere to the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee, and improve the party committee and administrative decision-making procedures and rules of procedure. Give full play to the role of professors' academic demonstration and leadership, and establish a new academic committee. Set up a special class to complete the drafting of the school’s 14th Five-Year career development plan. Deepen the reform of the school and college two-level management system, and complete the signing of the second-round tenure target responsibility letter (2020-2023). Strengthen the construction of internal control mechanisms, revise the job responsibilities of middle-level units, adjust and enrich the internal committees (leading groups) and other auxiliary decision-making bodies. Convene three-time double-generation conference. The third student conference will strengthen information disclosure and fully protect the democratic rights of teachers and students. Adhere to the management of the school according to law, take the school charter as the core, and carry out the work of abolishing the establishment of the rules and regulations, and the process of building a modern university system has been continuously accelerated;

In 2020, we will focus on the feature of civil aviation and continue to promote school aviation. Actively promote the construction of aviation connotation, strive to expand and strengthen aviation characteristics, and train 52 majors (directions) for the aviation field. Obtained the CCAR-66R3 license pilot training qualification of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and has 5 industry qualification platforms of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Deepen the aviation talent training model of dual campus, multi-certificate integration and work-learning alternation, train 671 pilots, safety officers, and flight attendants for airlines, reach cooperation intention with Shandong Airport Management Group Co., Ltd., and Dago Aviation High-tech The industrial park signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. One aviation advanced project was established as a national new engineering research and practice project, and a series of teaching materials for flight technology, which was jointly led by Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, was published and distributed. Building Aviation Brands, Deepening Transformation and Development as a typical case of high-quality development of colleges and universities across the province was published on the entire network of Dazhong Daily's all-media matrix, and the school's popularity, reputation, and influence have been increasing. In 2020, we will focus on the central point of talent training and strive to implement the fundamental task of moral education. Complete the application for the construction of applied undergraduate universities in Shandong Province. Convened the sixth teaching work conference, and strived to build 10 high-quality projects. Actively connect with the “top ten” industries in Shandong Province, focus on building 7 major applied professional groups and 4 provincial high-level applied majors (groups), and add an undergraduate major. The two teacher-training majors, Chinese Language and Literature, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, successfully accepted the on-site examination by the expert group of the Ministry of Education. 2 courses were approved as national-level undergraduate courses, 13 courses were approved as provincial first-class undergraduate courses, 1 provincial-level ideological and political teaching reform project was established, 26 online courses were launched on the provincial colleges and universities online open course platform, and won the province 3 outstanding teaching cases of the Higher Education Association. Deepen the integration of industry and education, promote collaborative education, sign 53 school-enterprise cooperation agreements, and have been approved for 53 industry-university cooperation projects with the Ministry of Education. 74 national and provincial college students' innovation and entrepreneurship training programs have been established, and more than 3,400 students have won provincial and above awards in national discipline competitions. The quality of students continues to improve. The initial employment rate of graduates has reached 95%, the high-quality employment rate has reached 57%, and the in-depth placement rate is nearly 36%. It ranks 9th in the province and 161th in the country on the Wu Shulian 2020 China University Graduate Quality Rankings Ranked as Shandong's Most Competitive Undergraduate College for Employment for 6 consecutive years

In 2020, we will focus on the power point of discipline construction to improve scientific research capabilities and academic standards. The school has been successfully included in the province's 2020 degree authorization review and recommendation list, and has taken a solid step towards holding postgraduate education. The fifth scientific research work conference was held and the 173 Action Plan for High-Quality Development was put forward for discipline construction and scientific research. Implemented the 1355 Science and Technology Innovation Project, established 10 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 3 National Social Science Foundation projects, and 23 Provincial Natural Science Foundation projects, and strived for more than 79 million yuan in various vertical and horizontal scientific research funds, and won the third prize of Provincial Social Science Achievement There are 3 provincial and ministerial scientific research achievement awards and 7 Binzhou Science and Technology Awards. The teachers published 41 monographs, and 115 high-level papers were included in CSSCI, SCI, EI, and SSCI. Record the Shandong Provincial Technology Transfer Service Agency in the Science and Technology Department. 9 high-level academic seminars including the Yellow River Forum in the nine provinces and regions along the Yellow River, Shandong Social Science Forum and Qinshan Science and Technology Forum were held. The construction of characteristic columns of the journal gradually formed a brand.

In 2020, we will focus on the key point of the talent team and promote the incremental and quality improvement of the teaching team. Firmly establish the concept of talent is the first resource, and implement in-depth Yellow River Talents, 1121 Talent Project, Talent Plan and other human resources projects, flexibly introduce 2 high-level talents, introduce 58 PhDs, and 344 PhD personnel people. One new provincial outstanding contribution expert, one special allowance expert from the State Council, one young Qinshan scholar expert, 12 provincial-level teaching and research teams, and four teachers won awards in the provincial young teacher classroom teaching competition. The appraisal and hiring of professional and technical positions have been completed, and the proportion of teachers with senior professional titles has reached 34%. Create a dual teacher type teacher team, send 40 young and middle-aged teachers to conduct domestic visits and on-the-job training, and hire more than 100 part-time professors and part-time teachers of industry enterprises. The highland of a talent team with reasonable echelon and optimized structure is taking shape in an all-round way, and a good atmosphere of talents coming out in large numbers and giving full play to their talents is gradually formed.

In 2020, we will focus on the breakthrough point of opening up schools to stimulate the school's motivation and vitality. Actively integrate into the national and regional major strategies and Binzhou dual-type city construction, actively meet the needs of the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, Binzhou 5+5 top ten industrial system, and establish 136 dual service projects. We will comprehensively strengthen the cooperation between the government, schools and enterprises, and sign strategic cooperation framework agreements with the people's governments of Caixi, Yangxin and Boxing, and sign agreements with Binzhou High-tech Development Zone to jointly build Shandong Lianchuang University Science Park. Strengthen the construction of the two-level council of the school and the establishment of a second-level college alumni association. Take the initiative to undertake teacher training, local continuing education tasks, and smoothly accept the evaluation of the running universities of the Ministry of Education. 4 newly-added foreign (overseas) friendly cooperation colleges and universities, and the undergraduate education program of transportation major in cooperation with Delta State University of the United States was approved by the Ministry of Education, realizing Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools and new breakthroughs in undergraduate programs.

In 2020, in the past year, our supervision, auditing, finance, infrastructure, logistics, network, women, league school, veteran cadres, security, confidentiality, books, archives and other work have achieved new results. The school successfully passed the review of the Provincial Civilized Campus. The remuneration of faculty and staff has been further improved, and all 6 campus livelihood matters have been completed. The civil aviation experimental training building will be put into use soon, and the main structure construction of the indoor sports field will be completed. The smart campus was initially completed, and the OA office system was put into trial operation. There were no major safety accidents, and the campus remained harmonious and stable.

The achievement of the school's development is condensed with the wisdom, hard work and sweat of all teachers, students and staff, and brings together the sincere contributions and support of the alumni of the factory and friends from all walks of life. Here, I would like to extend my high respect and heartfelt thanks to everyone!

Everything in the past is a prologue. 2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. We will usher in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. It is also a key year for the school to launch the 14th Five-Year development plan and promote the improvement of school management. The school's development has entered a new stage. Those who have the same desire up and down win, those who are in the same boat through storm and storm are happy. Facing 2021, we are ready to go, full of pride. In the new year, let us unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, hold high the great banner of reform and opening up in the new era, keep our original aspirations in mind, keep our mission in mind, work hard together and move forward, in order to achieve construction in the process of a high-level application-oriented university with aviation as the main feature, we will hand over a more beautiful answer sheet! Make new and greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! Sincerely wish our great motherland is prosperous and peaceful! I wish the teachers and students of the school a happy New Year and a happy family! I wish the students success in their studies and work! I wish the retired old comrades good health and happiness in life! I wish a wide range of feelings: University alumni have a successful career and everything goes well!

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