The School Held the Launch Ceremony of the Collaborative Office System and the OA System Administrator Training Meeting

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2021-01-15     viewed:10 

On January 2, the launching ceremony of the school's collaborative office system and the OA system administrator training meeting were held in the third lecture hall of the Academy Hall. Party committee member and vice president Yang Yusen attended the meeting. Persons in charge of the secondary colleges, departments, and direct units, OA system administrators, and engineers from Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.
       At the ceremony, Yang Yusen officially launched the collaborative office system and made a speech. He pointed out that the use of the collaborative office system is an important measure for schools to improve the level of campus informatization and an important carrier for improving office conditions and optimizing business processes. He hopes that all units will study seriously, actively explore, and promote the widespread use of the collaborative office system by working together and actively cooperating to ensure the smooth operation of the collaborative office system, and promote the information management and service level of our school to a new level.
       After the launching ceremony, the engineers of Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. conducted training for the collaborative office system administrator and explained in detail the functions and operation methods of the PC and mobile phones of the system.

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