Our School Held a Youth Heart to the Party Speech Contest Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of CPC

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On the evening of March 26, the Youth Heart to the Party keynote speech contest for college students to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, sponsored by the Student Affairs Office of Binzhou University and undertaken by the Flight Services College, was held in the Academy Hall. Party committee member and vice president Yang Yusen watched the game with teachers and students and presented awards to the winners.
       Twenty contestants from 18 secondary colleges in the school participated in the competition. In natural, fluent, voice and emotional language, they share the glorious course of the Chinese Communist Party's unremitting struggle in the past 100 years since the founding of the Communist Party of China, praising the great achievements, and firming the confidence and determination to continue the struggle. Xiao Tian of the School of Humanities Let Youth Bloom Brilliantly in The Place Where the Party Needs it Most, in plain language, appealed to young people in the new era to establish lofty ideals, shoulder the mission of the times, and sway the blood of youth to the places where the party and the motherland need it most; Inheriting the red gene and fulfilling the original mission of the Flight Academy, Wang Huidong expressed his infinite love and respect for the party with full enthusiasm, and expressed his firm belief in shouldering the important tasks of the times, building a better future, and using practical actions to contribute to civil aviation; Yang Ting of the college's A Century of Party Journey Youth Innovation Campaign combined with China's anti-epidemic spirit and professional characteristics, told about the feelings of the Communists in the new era, and expressed the responsibility of quasi-civil aviation people in the new era; Liu Yingqi of the Teacher Education College Remaining Victory in the Green Mountains, I Will Come Back for Generations shows you the historical picture of generations of Chinese Communists who have been indomitable and hard-working, expressing their belief in dedicating their youth to the cause of the party.
       The competition was wonderful and lively. The contestants kept close to the theme, based on the reality, told personal experience, talked freely about their perceptions, and demonstrated the good political qualities and spiritual outlook of the young students in the new era. After fierce competition, Xiao Tian from the School of Humanities, Ting Yang from the School of Flight Services, and Yingqi Liu from the School of Teacher Education won the first prize; Wang Huidong from the School of Flight, Liu Bingxin from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Yu Cao from the School of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Wu Haoyu from the School of Aeronautical Engineering, and Liu Xinhao from the School of Civil Engineering , Broadcasting Station Zhang Yuxi, Airport College Liu Xia points won the second prize; Yang Xueqing from the School of Economics and Management, Song Lina from the School of Foreign Languages, Lu Xianyan from the School of Chemical Engineering and Safety, Li Anqi from the Art School, Li Ruirui from the School of Marxism, Liang Zhen from the Art Troupe, Li Xingyue from the School of Physical Education and Li School Zhou Han, School of Electrical Engineering Chen Yating, and School of Information Engineering Wang Peng won the third prize.
       The successful holding of the Youth Heart to the Party theme speech contest for college students celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party fully demonstrated the deep feelings of Binzhou University students who love, respect and rejuvenate the Party, and enable the majority of young students to further strengthen their ideals and beliefs and build a solid foundation for their beliefs. Condensed the powerful positive energy of the youthful heart to the party and the new era of making contributions.

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