​The Expert Group of China Higher Education Expo School-Enterprise Cooperation Double Hundred Plan Visited Our School

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According to the work arrangement of the China Higher Education Society on the selection of the typical cases of the School-Enterprise Cooperation Double Hundred Plan (hereinafter referred to as the Double Hundred Plan) of the 2020 China Higher Education Expo, on March 28, Shen Jiquan, Vice President of Henan University of Technology, was the team Director, Wu Wei, vice president of Ningxia Institute of Technology, Mao Zhaohong, vice president of Wuxi Taihu University, Xu Gongdong, vice president of Huike Education Group, and Shi Weijia of China Higher Education Association as members of the Double Hundred Plan expert group nominated for our school’s Industry-oriented Demand, diversified and in-depth collaboration with local colleges and universities in the innovative practice of civil aviation application-oriented personnel training case to conduct on-site visits and inspections. Li Changhai, deputy secretary of the party committee and principal of our school, and Guo Xinwei, member of the party committee and vice principal, participated in the visit.
       It is reported that the 2020 Double Hundred Plan received a total of 670 cases declared by 285 units across the country. After qualification review, online selection, roadshows and other links, the expert group selected 106 shortlisted double visit cases. The case of Facing industry needs, diversified and in-depth collaboration with local universities civil aviation application talent training case submitted by our school was successfully selected in the 2020 China Higher Education Expo School-Enterprise Cooperation Double after a road show at the 55th China Higher Education Expo. The nomination case of Hundred Plan successfully entered the second round of selection.
       On the afternoon of the 28th, the Double Hundred Plan double visit activity report exchange meeting was held in the third lecture hall of the Academy Hall. Guo Xinwei introduced our school's characteristic practices and results in the integration of production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation. Shen Jiquan issued a nomination award certificate for typical cases to our school, and the person in charge of the Flight Academy gave a comprehensive report on the case. The expert group conducted in-depth exchanges with our school and Jinan International Airport Co., Ltd. and other cooperative enterprises, gave a high evaluation of our school's school-enterprise collaborative education and aviation school running school, and put forward suggestions and suggestions for future work.
       After the meeting, the expert team visited the Flight Academy and visited our school’s aviation characteristic school achievement exhibition, flight simulator laboratory, airport tower air traffic control laboratory, CCAR-147 civil aircraft maintenance training, aero engine laboratory, Boeing 737-300 Teaching experiment platform, etc.
       It is reported that the Chinese Society of Higher Education initiated the Double Hundred Plan for the first time in 2019. It aims to select 100 typical enterprises and 100 typical universities through the establishment of a double visit exchange mechanism between schools and enterprises throughout the year. Annual visits and exchanges, and a concentrated display of typical cases at the annual high-tech fair in autumn, forming a demonstration and leading role, promoting innovative production-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation models, exchanges, deepening and copying successful experiences, and realizing the cultivation of talents in colleges and universities. Win-win cooperation for enterprise development. The heads of the Academic Affairs Office, Cooperative Development Office, and Flight Academy of our school participated in the visit.

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