The Signing Ceremony of The UAV Industry College Jointly Established by Binzhou University, DJI Innovation and Huaxing Group

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On April 2, the signing ceremony of the UAV Industry College jointly established by our school, DJI Innovation and Huaxing Group was held in the third lecture hall of the Academy Hall. Zhang Yan, Chairman of Huaxing Group, Wang Qiang, Director of Education Business North China of Shenzhen Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Du Hao, General Manager of Jinan Huahengxing Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Li Changhai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of our school, Party committee member and deputy Principal Guo Xinwei attended the signing ceremony. The heads of the Cooperative Development Office, Academic Affairs Office, School of Aeronautical Engineering and some teachers of our school attended the signing ceremony.
        Li Changhai, Zhang Yan and Wang Qiang jointly unveiled the UAV Industry College.
        Guo Xinwei said in his speech that the establishment of the Industrial Academy will promote in-depth school-enterprise cooperation and in-depth integration of industry and education. The UAV Industry College must adhere to the construction principles of education-oriented, industry-oriented, industry-education integration, innovative development, guided by the urgent needs of the regional UAV industry development, based on the orientation and development ideas of Binzhou University. Establish long-term and close cooperation to create a drone field that integrates professional talent training, key core technology research, cutting-edge technology innovation application promotion, professional teacher empowerment, radiation local industry, business incubation services, student entrepreneurship counseling and other functions. Exemplary talent training entity. He hopes that the UAV Industry College will take the signing ceremony as an opportunity, focus on talent training, deepen the integration of industry and education, promote the exploration of the construction model of modern industry colleges, build strong advantages and specialties, improve the collaborative mechanism of talent training, and create many industries. The required high-quality applied, compound, and innovative talents will provide talent support and intellectual support for improving industrial competitiveness and gathering new kinetic energy for development.
        Zhang Yan said in her speech that colleges and universities are the main body of talent training and an important driving force for regional economic development. The goal of the construction of the UAV Industry College is compatible with the development plan of Binzhou College and Binzhou City during the 14th Five-Year Plan. It is hoped that through the joint construction of the UAV Industry College, on the one hand, it can improve the level of UAV professional construction and cultivate high-level application-oriented talents; on the other hand, it will explore the social benefits and social benefits of artificial intelligence training, teaching, and education featuring UAVs. Economic benefits.
        Wang Qiang stated that DJI is the world's leading research and development and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicle control systems and unmanned aerial vehicle solutions. It hopes to combine the latest achievements of cutting-edge technology with educational practices to awaken students' potential and cultivate future-leading for the society. Technological talents. The joint construction of the UAV Industry College is not only a need for school development, but also for the development of enterprises. It is hoped that through the construction of UAV Industry College, school-enterprise cooperation will be deepened, the integration of industry and education will be promoted, the quality of talent training will be improved, and the development of society and economy What a great talent.
        At the ceremony, the person in charge of the School of Aeronautical Engineering, on behalf of our school, signed agreements with DJI and Huaxing Group to jointly build the UAV Industry School.
        In recent years, the School of Aeronautical Engineering of our school has actively carried out the construction of new engineering disciplines, continuously deepened the school-enterprise and school-local integration, carried out the construction of drone-related disciplines, the construction of the drone training and R&D center, the construction of the drone technology research institute, The construction of the drone flight control laboratory, the development and promotion of drone-related professional teachers, subject research and development, practical teaching materials and equipment tools, and the establishment of a database of enterprises and experts in the drone industry, in terms of the long-term development of the drone industry Accumulated rich experience, laid a solid foundation for the development of the UAV Industry College.

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