The School Held a Recruitment Work Promotion Meeting

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On May 7, the school held a talent introduction work promotion meeting in the meeting room 201 of the south tower of the office building. Hu Bo, member of the party committee and vice president, presided over the meeting and gave a speech.

Hu Bo emphasized that the first is to increase the sense of responsibility, enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, fully recognize the importance and urgency of strengthening the work of talents, and resolutely put the work of talent introduction in the heart, grasp the hands, shoulders, and let go. In terms of action, we will continue to innovate ideas and methods for attracting talents to ensure solid results in the construction of the talent team. The second is to strictly control the quality of talent introduction, adhere to the demand of disciplines, further integrate, and condense existing disciplines, grasp the standards of talents, and achieve comprehensive inspections; strengthen communication and communication with talents, and focus on the construction of discipline teams to select the best from the best. Precise introduction of talents. The third is to strengthen policy guarantees and provide a full range of talent introduction services in the spirit of shops and juniors. All units should seize the golden period of talent introduction in May, in-depth discussions with relevant universities and doctors, and invite doctors to participate in the Binzhou Talent Festival; the Personnel Office (Talent Office) must do a good job of coordination and service, cooperate with all units, go all out to care for and serve talents with heart, affection, and love to ensure high-quality completion of this year's talent introduction tasks.

At the meeting, the heads of the secondary colleges and scientific research institutions made exchange speeches on the work measures that have been carried out, the existing difficulties and the next steps. The Personnel Office (Talent Office) has decided for the relevant work soon.

The main leaders in charge of the secondary colleges, scientific research institutions, and the personnel office (talent office) attended the meeting.

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