"Convergence of Intelligence, Co-creation and Sharing" Binzhou University Doctor (Expert) Joint Hundred Enterprise Project Matchmaking Meeting was Successfully Held

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On May 8, the matchmaking meeting of Binzhou University's Doctoral (Expert) Joint Hundred-Enterprises Project was held in the third lecture hall of the Academy Hall. Song Chengqin, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of Binzhou Municipal Party Committee, and a group of 5 people attended the meeting. Hu Bo, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of our school, attended the meeting and gave a speech.

 Hu Bo extended a warm welcome to Song Chengqin and his entourage, and expressed his gratitude to the United Front Work Department of Binzhou Municipal Party Committee and other units for their caring and support to our school. He introduced the school in terms of professional settings, faculty, service industry, and regional economic and social development. He pointed out that this matchmaking meeting is our school’s positive response to the activities of Collecting Intelligence, Co-creating and Sharing 100 PhDs (Experts) and 100 Enterprises, and it is also a powerful measure of our school to vigorously promote and serve the construction of Prosperous Binzhou. Our school will continue to give full play to the advantages of disciplines, science and technology and service teams, especially the advantages of doctors (experts), to provide scientific and intellectual support for the economic and social development of Binzhou and the high-quality development of Binzhou enterprises. He hopes that all parties will use this matchmaking meeting as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and negotiation, implement cooperation, promote in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, and achieve win-win cooperation.

 Song Chengqin spoke highly of the achievements of our school’s social service work, and introduced the development of the 100 doctors (experts) uniting 100 enterprises in the “Convergence of Intelligence, Co-creation and Sharing”, and hoped that our school would provide talent support for the development of Binzhou City’s enterprises. .

 Representatives from 20 companies in Binzhou, heads of the United Front Work Department and Cooperation Development Office of our school, and more than 20 PhDs from the School of Flight, Airport School, School of Economics and Management, School of Chemical Engineering and Safety, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Biological and Environmental Engineering (Experts) participated in related matchmaking and negotiation activities.

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