Our School and Russia Irkutsk State University of Technology Signed a School-level Cooperation Agreement

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On the morning of May 26th, our school and the Russian Irkutsk State University of Technology held a remote video conference on cooperation in running a school in Conference Room 209 of the North Office Building, and signed a cooperation agreement. Guo Xinwei, member of the party committee and vice president of our school, and Savkin, vice president of Irkutsk State University of Technology, Russia, signed the agreement and delivered speeches on behalf of the two schools.

 At the ceremony, Guo Xinwei and Safkin signed the Memorandum of Cooperation between Binzhou University of China and Irkutsk State University of Technology via video. Guo Xinwei introduced our school's history, scale, disciplines and advantages. He said that after many in-depth communications and consultations in the early stage, the two parties reached a consensus on jointly carrying out professional undergraduate education projects such as polymer materials and engineering, aircraft manufacturing engineering, etc., and conducted a docking on the course setting and teacher staff of the cooperation projects. Undergraduate cooperation in running schools The preparations for the project are proceeding in an orderly manner; the signing of this contract is in response to the national education opening strategy and is an important measure for our school to continue to promote the education opening strategy, laying a solid foundation for the two sides to jointly train high-level international professionals.

 Savkin introduced the disciplinary development and development potential of Irkutsk State University of Technology, and spoke highly of our school’s transformational development, characteristic development and high-quality development, and expressed the Sino-foreign cooperation with our school in running schools and undergraduate projects.

 Irkutsk State University of Technology was established in 1930. It is a national university focused on by the Russian Federation government. It is in Irkutsk, the capital city of Irkutsk Oblast, Russia. Ranked 301 in the UK Times World University rankings, and 31 in Russian universities. Its geological prospecting, aerospace, clean energy and other fields are among the top in Russia.

 Xia Shuang, assistant to the president of Irkutsk State University of Technology, Russia, and a group of 3 people, the head of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of our school and related personnel attended the video conference.

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