2021 Bohai Talents——Hometown Tour for Doctors and Binzhou University High-level Talents Forum was Held in Our School

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On May 21st, the Binzhou 2021 Bohai Talents' Hometown Tour and Binzhou College High-level Talent Forum hosted by Binzhou Municipal Party Committee and Binzhou People's Government and undertaken by Binzhou University and Binzhou High-level Talent Promotion Association was held in the school hall. Wang Hengbo, Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of Binzhou Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Veterans Bureau presided over the forum. Hu Bo, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of our school, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

 In his speech, Hu Bo extended a warm welcome to high-level talents from all over the country, and introduced the basic situation of the school in detail in terms of development history, school-running characteristics, faculty, subject platform, social services, and talent introduction policies. He said that the school attaches great importance to the creation of an atmosphere of emphasizing talents and loving talents, and puts the priority on meeting the needs of talent growth and development, and gives priority to ensuring that young talents have a secure life, a platform for work, and an environment for growth, so that young talents have more sense of gain. He hopes that all kinds of high-level talents will actively come to Binzhou, come to Binzhou University to make contributions and work together to create a brilliant and beautiful tomorrow.

  More than 30 high-level talent representatives from well-known universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, the person in charge of the Binzhou Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the personnel and talents work of the colleges and universities in Binzhou, and the main persons in charge of secondary colleges and scientific research institutions of our school participated in the forum.

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