School leaders visit teachers' representatives on Teacher's Day

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       From September 8th to 9th, when the 38th Teacher's Day is approaching, Li Changhai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Principal, Song Shuping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Sun Yinhe, a member of the Party Committee and Vice Principal, visited the teachers' representatives, sent them holiday greetings, and passed the They extended festive congratulations and sincere condolences to the faculty and staff of the school.

       The school leaders visited and expressed their gratitude to the most beautiful teachers in the school, Professor Tian Mei from the School of Marxism, Associate Professor Shu Yongzhi from the School of Teaching and Educating Model Art, Professor Wang Mingdong from the School of Humanities, the winner of the first prize for teaching achievements in Shandong Province, and Associate Professor Cui Qian, the host of the Youth Creation Team in Shandong Province, Associate Professor Su Chengrong, excellent counselor of the school, Wang Huilin, Zou Haiyan, Zhu Lin, frontline staff of the school's epidemic prevention and control. The school leaders thanked the teachers for their hard work for the development of the school, highly appreciated their dedication and courage to take responsibility, and fully affirmed the good platform built by the school for the growth and development of teachers, the cohesion of creation, and the good entrepreneurship. Atmosphere; concerned about the work and living conditions of the teachers, and said that the school will strive to solve the worries for teachers to devote themselves to teaching and scientific research, and create a good environment to support the development of talents; praised the outstanding achievements of experts and professors in teaching, scientific research and other fields, hope They continue to play an exemplary and leading role, strengthen team building and external exchanges, and play a greater role in promoting the high-quality development of the school.

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