General Information

Binzhou University (BZU) is a comprehensive public university affiliated to Shandong Government. It is located in a modern city with ecological landscape— Binzhou, which is the birthplace of Sun Tzu (the well-known Chinese ancient military strategist in the 6th Century B.C.) near the Coast of Bohai Sea and in the hinterland of Yellow River Delta.

The University CPC community and administrative authorities have been guided by Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Theory of Three Represents, the Scientific Outlook on Development and Xin Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Oriented by establishing a high-level and application university with aviation as its main character, the University implements “Five Strategies” in terms of quality, talents, feature, openness and harmony, all leading to its vigorous development.

Binzhou University covers a total area of 131 hectares and the existing building area is 441,000 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is 1,413 million yuan. There are 23 experimental centers (laboratories), two of which are provincial experiment teaching demonstration center. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 170 million yuan. There are 1.62 million printed books and 1.15 million e-books in the library. There are over 1600 Chinese and foreign printed periodicals and 28,332 electronic periodicals and 94 e-document databases. Binzhou University recruits students from 29 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions). There are over 19,500 full-time students and over 20,000 students of continuing education (distance education).

Insisting on running the school with high quality and regarding morality education as fundamental task, Binzhou University actively adjusts and optimizes discipline and specialty structure to meet the requirements of industries and regional economic and social development and preliminarily forms the discipline and specialty system of giving priority to Engineering and harmoniously developing engineering, sciences, economics, management, liberal arts, pedagogy, and fine arts. Binzhou University has carried out “Flagship Major Construction Plan” and “Applied Specialty Group Training Centers Construction Project” and deepened university-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration so as to cultivate applied advanced specialized talents with solid foundation, strong ability, high quality, quick adaptation, sound personality and social responsibility, professional skills, and creative and entrepreneurship ability.

Binzhou University has established 58 undergraduate majors and 29 diploma specialties distributed to 19 colleges, schools or departments, and set up 1 national comprehensive reform experiment undergraduate major under “Undergraduate Teaching Project”, 1 national off-campus practice and education base for university students, 1 provincial projects of applied major development supporting program, 4 provincial project-based high-level applied majors (groups), 3 Shandong Provincial stage cultivation experiment specialties suited to vocational schools and colleges or universities, 2 provincial talent cultivation mode innovation experiment zones, 8 provincial brand specialties and 38 provincial fine courses. The passing rate of CET-4 and CET-6 for non-English majors reaches about 90% and 40%; the passing rate of the students who upgrade three-year education to undergraduate education reaches 30%; the passing rate of postgraduate examination reaches 43.6%; the initial employment rate of graduates reaches 97.52%. The University war rated as the one of the universities or colleges that has the top employment competitiveness in Shandong Province.Since 2012, the University has been successively entitled the “Executing Unit of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training Project for National University Students”and 374 projects have been approved, which ranks the top among all the universities in Shandong Province. The students have won 1,577 national projects and awards and over 2,485 provincial projects and awards in university student discipline competitions and research & training projects, published over 800 academic papers and works, and obtained over 150 patents for their inventions. According to data released by MyCSO, a national authoritative data organization, the non-unemployment rate of our school graduates after six months of graduation stands steadily higher than the national average of non-211 colleges or universities. The graduates have a higher satisfaction with being recommended than the national average of non-211 colleges or universities. Because of vigorously carrying out teacher education, the university  was approved as one of the second provincial teacher education bases in Shandong Province in 2012. Having jointly cultivated postgraduates with 25 institutions or universities such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shandong University, Binzhou University is  a postgraduate joint training base approved by the Department of Education of Shandong Province.

Binzhou University attaches importance to scientific research and conducts “Top Discipline Construction Plan” and “1355 Scientific and Technological Innovation Project” to continuously strengthen the advantages and characteristics and improve the scientific innovation ability. Binzhou University undertakes 52 and 386 scientific research projects at state and provincial levels respectively; The University obtains 586 patent authorizations and 70 appraisal achievements and receives 1831municiapl, provincial or state scientific research rewards. During recent years the staff has published 172 monographs and 5917 academic papers, among which 543 ones are included in SCI and EI. Journal of Binzhou University is awarded as “Famous Journal of National Local Universities” and “Research of Sun Tzu” is selected into “Famous Column Construction Project” by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.  

Jointing with the developing strategies of “The Belt and Road Initiative”, “Two Regions and Two Rings” and “Strengthening China with Civil Aviation”, Binzhou University has actively been serving the society and industries, and has formulated and conducted “Action Plan for Serving Yellow River Delta Development (2016-2020)” and “Action Plan for Serving Civil Aviation Industry (2016-2020)”. The University has set up a series of innovation platforms serving the development of the region and industry, such as Research Institute of Yellow River Delta High Efficiency Eco-economic Zone, signed more than 100 cooperation agreements with local government, enterprises and industries, carried out over 600 cooperative projects, obtained more than RMB 10 million Yuan for service fund, and jointly trained more than 35,000 talents urgently needed by the local regions and industries. 

Based on the combination of talent recruitment and cultivation, Binzhou University has implemented “Three Hundred Talents Project”, “Yellow River Talent Project”, “1121 Talents Project” and “Teacher’s Quality-improvement Project” to strengthen the talent team construction. There are 902 full-time teachers in the university, including four doctoral supervisors and 43 masters’ supervisors. Among the teachers, 274 are professors or associate professors; 803 have got doctoral degrees or master degrees; one professor of national “One Thousand Talents Plan”; one expert of Special Government Allowances of the State Council, one expert of national philosophy and social science popularization; three professors of “Yellow River Talent Project”; one provincial outstanding mid-aged expert with remarkable contributions; four provincial excellent teaching teams; 13 provincial excellent teachers and two chief experts in Shandong universities. Until now, eight academicians have been invited to be honorary deans, counselors or guest professors. There are also more than 180 part-time professors or teachers. 

Binzhou University adheres to running the school with our own characteristics and has created such famous brands as flight technology, Yellow River Delta ecology, Yellow River Delta culture, Sun Tzu culture research. Centering on serving the career of Chinese civil aviation, Binzhou University set up the major of flight technology and founded Flying College in 2006, becoming the first local regular university to cultivate pilots in China. At present, the University has 4 aviation colleges, that is, Flying College, Aviation Engineering College, Airport College and Cabin Attendant College, and 10 aviation majors and specialties, that is, piloting, flight safety, civil aviation maintenance engineering, air traffic management and dispatch, airport operation and management, flight vehicle propulsion engineering, flight vehicle manufacture engineering and flight attendants. Binzhou University cooperates to jointly conduct order-oriented cultivation of transport aviation talents in the fields of piloting, flight safety and flight attendants with 12 airlines companies including Air China Cargo, Shandong Airlines Company Limited, Hainan Airlines Company Limited. More than 1,000 students have graduated and over 10 graduates have been promoted to aircraft commander. The University cooperates with 4 aviation companies to jointly cultivate general aviation talents, including Shandong Hairuo General Aviation Company Limited, Shandong Gaoxiang General Aviation Company Limited. By virtue of regional and cultural advantages, the University has established Shandong Yellow River Delta Eco-environmental Key Laboratory, Shandong Yellow River Delta Cultural Research Base, and Shandong University & College Research Base for the Art of War and Military Science, so that a series of research achievements have been made in terms of Yellow River Delta Eco-environment, culture and Sun Tzu culture. 

Binzhou University has intensified international cooperation and exchange continuously and established cooperative ties and exchange programs with 42 universities and educational institutions from countries including the USA, the UK, France, Canada and Australia, and also held 7 Sino-foreign educational programs such as marketing management, preschool education, software engineering, which has constantly accelerated its internationalization. 

Adhering to the concept of being human-oriented, managing the university by law, and democratic management, the University has committed to forging green, peaceful and harmonious campus construction with remarkable achievements. Binzhou University has been awarded more than 40 provincial or higher honorary titles, such as “National Advanced Legal Publicity and Education Unit”, “National Forestation    Model Unit”, “All China  Advanced Unit for Students Apartment Management Services”, “Civilized Unit of Shandong Province”, “Safety Campus of Shandong Province”.Many media have repeatedly reported on the school's reform and development such as China Education Newspaper,China Economic Herald, CAAC Journal, China Aviation News, China Daily, Higher Education Leaders’ References, Guangming Net, and Dazhong Net, winning a wider attention and greater influence.  

Currently, the University has comprehensively  been learning and implementing Xin Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, CPC’s Nineteenth Congress Spirit,  conference spirits on ideological and political work in colleges and universities across the county so as to imitatively adapt to the new normal of economic development. Binzhou University is seizing the great opportunities of development and reform of higher education; with its determination, exploration and innovation, the University is moving vigorously toward the goal of constructing the high level application-oriented university with aviation as its main feature.  


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