International Admission


I. Brief Introduction to Binzhou University

         Binzhou University is a regular comprehensive public university affiliated to Shandong Provincial Government. It is located in a modern city with ecological landscape --- Binzhou City, which is the birthplace of Sun Tzu (the well-known Chinese ancient military strategist in the 6th Century B.C.) near the Coast of Bohai Sea and in the hinterland of rich and beautiful Yellow River Delta.The campus covers an area of 131.3 hectares. There are 1.62 million volumes of paper-books in the library.Enrolling students from all over the China, Binzhou University offers full-time education to over 19,500 students and continuing or distance education to over 20,000 students.Binzhou University has 902 full-time teachers.Binzhou University has created 54 undergraduate specialties and 28 diploma specialties distributed to 20 colleges or departments.

University sets up 2 provincial-level key disciplines, 4 provincial culture and art science key disciplines, 18 university-level scientific research institutes, 1 national-level base for science education, 9 provincial-level key laboratories, research centers or bases, 5 provincial-level bases for social or science education, 3 provincial key university laboratories or bases and 26 municipal-level innovation platforms.

Binzhou University adheres to running the school with own characteristics and has created such famous brands as flight technology, Yellow River Delta Ecology, Yellow River Delta Culture , Sun Tzu Culture Research, and so on. Centering on serving the career of Chinese civil aviation, Binzhou University set up the major of Flight Technology and founded Flight College in 2006, which is the first local regular undergraduate university to cultivate pilots in China.By virtue of regional and cultural advantages, Binzhou University has established Shandong Yellow River Delta Eco-environmental Key Laboratory, Shandong Yellow River Delta Cultural Research Base, and Shandong University Research Base for the Art of War and Military Science, so that a series of research achievements have been made in Yellow River Delta Eco-environment, culture and Sun Tzu Culture.

Binzhou University has continuously deepened international cooperation and exchanges, established friendly cooperative relationships with more than 30 universities or educational institutes in USA, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, etc., and has successively run 8 Sino-Foreign Cooperative Programs, such as Marketing, Pre-school Education, Software Technology, etc. The international process has been accelerated continuously. 95 international teachers have been employed to teach in Binzhou University and 233 short-term or long-term international students from France, Korea, USA, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, etc. have received the education in Chinese language and culture and some specialty courses. Dormitory building for international students has been available with complete facilities, including public kitchen, public entertainment room, etc.; medical insurance and personal accident insurance have been provided for international students.

II. Specialties and School System




School System

Degree Education

For details, see the Appendix-1


4 years




HSK Test Tips



From 1 to 10 weeks

Chinese Language&



More than 10 weeks

Chinese Language&



More than 1 academic year

Chinese Culture & Business Management Program

3 months

III. Costs for courses








Degree Education

Liberal Arts, Business

RMB 14000 per year

RMB 400 per person

Double roomRMB 3000 per person per year

Single roomRMB 6000 per person per year

Paid upon book price

RMB 800 per person per year

1.All   kinds of fees should be payed in the form of RMB.

2.If   needed, the departments or colleges could give some individual guidance in   study

3.Scholarship for International students has been set up;

4.The decreased 

tuition can be 

offered for 

students from 




Sciences and Engineering

RMB 16000 per year

Science and EngineeringTeaching   in English

RMB 17000 per year


RMB 18000 per year



1-10 weeks

RMB 650 per week

RMB   300 per person

Double roomRMB 30 per person per day

Single roomRMB 50 per person per day

More than 10 weeks

RMB 600 per week


RMB   12000 per year

RMB   400 per person

Double roomRMB 3000 per person per year

Single roomRMB 6000 per person per year

Chinese Culture & Business Management Program

RMB   10000 per person

Only pay the tuition

IV. Introduction to Educational Characteristics

i. Bilingual teaching in small group

ii. Adopting international teaching concepts to set up specialties and optional courses, such as Chinese Kongfu, Calligraphy, Cooking, Music, Paper cutting, etc.

iii. Exerting the geographical advantage of “the native residence of Sun Tzu” to set up the course the Art of War” and hold lectures on the knowledge and application of Sun Tzu’s military science.

V. Application Requirements and Procedures

     i. Fill in the Application Form for Foreigners Applying for Study at BZU (Appendix-2);

 ii. Submit the documents(apply for Degree Education, see Appendix-3; apply for Non-degree Education, see Appendix-4 ).

  VI. Contact Us

International Exchange & Cooperation Office of Binzhou University

ADD: 391 Huanghe 5th Road, BinzhouCity 256603, ShandongProvince, P. R. China

TEL: +86-(0)543-3195582/3194976

FAX: +86-(0)543-3190000


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