Research Institute of Sun Tzu

Introduction to Research Institute of Sun Tzu

        Research Institute of Sun Tzu of Binzhou University, the first specialized research institute of The art of war, also one of seven specialty brands of the University, was established in September 26, 2005.

Research Institute of Sun Tzu persists in carrying forward the fine traditional Chinese military culture , serving the society and creating a cultural brand of Suntzu culture. The main research contents include the Suntzu's basic theories and its application in the field of economy, politics, military and so on. Since the establishment of the institute ,great measures have been taken to attract the able and talent people:inviting experts and scholars both at home and abroad as part-time researcher, such as Dr Hai-jun zhao from Military Academy of Sciences, Doctoral tutor Liu Qing and so forth;forming a full-time and part-time research team. Now, the institute have 16 staff, including full-time and part-time researchers; By carrying out an extensive academic exchanges, Research Institute of Sun Tzu has established a close relationship with well-known Suntzu research institutions and experts at home and abroad ; Scholars and professors have been sent to France, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions and countries to advance academic exchanges

Research Institute of Sun Tzu actively conducted academic and scientific researches: having collaborated on 2 national level research projects, having presided over 10provincial or departmental level research projects, 7 items of City level projects , 10 items of teaching research projects on campus , having obtained about 2 million Yuan scientific fund for scientific research and construction projects; More than 180 essays have been published in Guangming Daily, Chinese Military Science, Military Historical Research: more than 30 essays published in Chinese core journals, 4 essays reprinted by the NPC copy, 1argument excerpted by Xinhua Digest, 1 table of contents excerpted by Xinhua Digest. We also published 4 textbooks of higher education, 14 academic monographs;1 achievement in scientific research has been grantedthe second prize of Shandong Social Sciences Award , more than 10 achievements have been granted provincial, municipal prizes. In 2016,Suntzu in Diagrams by Hai-jun zhao and Yun-fang Sun ,which is translated into Japanese by Japanese scholars Asano Yuichi and Miura Yoshiki, was published by the Tokyo Science Press; Suntzu in Diagramswas the second academic book published in foreign countries in the history of Binzhou University.

Research Institute of Sun Tzu hosted Academic Conference of Shandong Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Forum -- Literature Symposium on military science of Suntzu, more than 50 experts from nearly 20 universities and research institutes in 11 provinces and autonomous regions attended the meeting, including Military Academy of Sciences, National Defence University of People's Liberation Army, Naval Engineering University, PLA Nanjing Political College etc.

Since 2006, the institute has opened a series of courses on the introduction toThe Arts of War and the history of war in China. In 2016, more than 10,000 students were selected to attend the university’s lecture of The General Education to Suntzu and Traditional Culture.

From 2006-2008, the institute has conducted a series of training courses, such as “The Art of War and the Enterprise Development Strategy”, “The Art of War and the Leading Art”, “Suntzu’s Wisdom and Business Competition”. Later, the institute carried out a series of training programs to local enterprises, administrative institutions, public institutions and local army.

During 2011-2012, the institute and ICN Business School of France conducted successfully joint ventures of three MBA training programs of Suntzu for French international students. In 2012 and 2013, the two sides successfully exchanged visits and built a long-term mechanism for exchanges and cooperation on cultural exchanges. Since 2012, the teaching staff of Research Institute of Sun Tzu have been teaching The Art of War/ Suntzu for international students in this university

In 2009, sponsored by Research Institute of Sun Tzu , approved by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the First Cross-strait Cultural Exchange and Economic and Trade Negotiation Forum between the mainland and Taiwan Straits (Binzhou City) was successfully held. Next year, during the second Negotiation Forum, the first Suntzu's Friendship Debate by youth and students between the mainland and Taiwan (Binzhou City) was successfully hosted by Research Institute of Sun Tzu , which won the acclaim of scholars of Suntzu study both of the mainland and Taiwan. Therefore , the Friendship Debate Match was customized. Now, the Friendship Debate have been heldseven times, more than 20 colleges or high school teams joining in the debate contests.

In March 2008, Shandong provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department approved the establishment of the Shandong Suntzu Culture Industry Research and Development Base in Binzhou University. In July 2011, Shandong Provincial Education Department, the Finance Department of Shandong province granted“The Art of War and Military Research Base” as the special humanities and social sciences research base forprovincial colleges and universities .


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