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I. Airport School

II. Introduction to the Airport School

In order to accelerate the construction of the applied university with the main characteristics of aviation, the Airport School was established in July 2015 on the basis of the former department of political science and law. The School offers two undergraduate specialities, public affairs management (direction of the aviation management and service) and transportation (direction of the airport operation and management), and a 3-year college major, the civil aviation safety technology management. The School consists of two offices, the integrated office and the student management section, and three teaching and research sections, the public affairs management, transportation and civil aviation safety technology management, and a safety checks training laboratory. There are 17 faculty members, including 1 professor and 4 associate professors, 15 of them have already got the master's degree and 1 of them is Ph.D candiadate. There are 306 students altogether in the School.

The Airport School adheres to the focus of teaching, and intends to cultivate the students the solid foundation, strong ability, high quality, adapting to the society fast, social responsibility and the spirit of innovation. The school continuously improves the quality of teaching, and cultivates the school style, teaching style and good style of study. According to the characteristics of the specialty, the goal of the cultivation of applied talents and the actual situation of our college, we should take the students as the basis and implement the strategy of developing the all-round talents with the times.

Since the establishment of the school, the leaders, teachers and students have been to Ji'nan Airport, Qingdao Airport, Yantai Airport, Dongying Airport, Dagao Aviation City, Civil Aviation University of China, Civil Aviation Management Cadre College of China to make an on-the-spot investigation and study. The cooperation agreements on the flexible introduction of talents, teachers and students exercise training, joint education, staff training have preliminarily been reached with Ji'nan Airport, Qingdao Airport, Yantai Airport, Dongying Airport, Dagao Aviation City.The School has sent 1 teachers to Qingdao airport for exercise training, and 1 teachers to Qingdao airport to study and obtain the security check qualification certificate. There is 1 expert from Qingdao airport who has been guiding the professional construction, discipline construction.

All faculty members are doing the job as best as they can, and the school attaches great importance to discipline construction and scientific research. We have one scientific research project, one teaching research project, published two papers and one monographs. Four teachers won one first prize and three third prize outstanding achievement award from Binzhou Social Science Association. One teacher won the provincial cultural arts award. One teacher won third-prize on the party building theory. Some teachers won the excellent instructors, Binzhou outstanding communist Youth League cadres, Binzhou University outstanding party workers. One teacher won Binzhou University excellent teacher title, Binzhou University pacesetter honorary title. One teacher received the honorary title of outstanding member of Binzhou University. One teacher received the honorary title of outstanding party workers. Two people won the party advanced individual, and the party branch won the honorary title of advanced unit and one advanced individual honorary title of teaching management. One teacher becomes a member of the academic committee of Binzhou University.

In the “13th Five-Year” period, the School will have more perfect system of training talents, actively and steadily applies a new undergraduate major, the civil aviation transportation management (Logistics Engineering (direction of the aviation logistics)), and the School will have four specialities, enhance the employability of graduates, and there will be 600 students. The introduction of talents will be the very important work in the five years. The School will introduce teachers, and there will be 30 teachers few years later. The School actively promotes the joint venture with airlines and major airports, to achieve at least one training order.

Facing the opportunities and challenges, under the correct leadership of the school Party committee and administration, the Airport School will continue to emancipate the mind, keep pace with times, pioneer and innovate, work hard and serve for the civil aviation, contribute to the construction and development of the “yellow and blue” district, and train the applied talents with the main characteristics of the civil aviation.

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