Flying College

       Under the strong support of Shandong provincial government, Shandong provincial department of education and Binzhou municipal government, in April, 2006, the Ministry of Education and CAAC approved Binzhou University to establish the first flight academy that is affiliated with a local university in China, setting flight technology majors and filling the gaps with civil aviation majors in universities of Shandong province. In October, 2009, the CAAC and Ministry of Education have issued a document (CAAC issue [2009] No. 84) jointly that Binzhou University was brought into the recruiting system of candidates of flight cadets in civil aviation. In August, 2010, the department of personnel, science, technology and education of CAAC issued a document (CAAC personnel test center issue [2010] No. 4) that flight technology major of Binzhou University was brought into instructively professional specification file for civil aviation instruction.

       Flying College has two undergraduate majors and one specialty, including six professional directions. The college has signed “order type training, joint education pattern” contracts with 13 domestic companies, cultivating a total of 2000 cadets in civil aviation. Meanwhile, it has cultured nearly 900 students, who have graduated from college and transfer to flight technology major, for Shandong Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines etc. Flying college has constructed 12 aeronautical engineering laboratories such as flight simulator training laboratory, teaching and research platform for Boeing 737-300 and so on. The college is also equipped with multi-functional facilities for special training of aviation sports, which worth over 23 million yuan and a hundred thousand related books and materials. Besides, “Shandong Aeronautical Information Technology Research Base”and “Key Laboratory of Shandong Aeronautical Information Technology and Control” are established in Flying College.

       Flying College has been named as “Innovative Experimental Zone for the Training Mode of Civil Aviation Technology Applied Talents” in Shandong Province and has passed the accreditation of “Three Systems: Qualification, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety”, which is identified by Shandong Quality Authentication Center. Flight technology major has been named as “Provincial Undergraduate Special Majors” of Shandong Province, selecting as undergraduate major into the project plan of Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers in Shandong Province. The college has been awarded the “Mayor Quality Prize of Binzhou city” in 2012 , the first college of receiving this honor in China. In May 2013, the engineering practice and education center of Binzhou College-Shandong Bin Ao Aircraft Industry is granted as “The construction project of national college students’ practical education base off campus”. In June 2013, flight technology major is approved as the first comprehensive reform experimentation major of Education Ministry on “Project of Undergraduate Teaching”, realizing new breakthrough of state-level “Undergraduate Teaching Project”.  

        Under the “paramilitary management” developing mode, Flying College has set up good outer image and strengthened inner quality in every field it has developed enormously. Many leaders and experts in civil aviation like the former director and vice-director of CAAC, Mr.Yang Yuanyuan and Mr. Yang Guoqing, deputy secretary of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, Mr. Wang Junmin, as well as aerospace hero, Mr. Yang Liwei have visited and inspected Flying College successively. Delegations from more than 20 countries and areas such as America, Canada, France, Britain, Sweden, Australia, South Korea have come to Flying College for visiting and studying. Various press and media have reported the running of Flying College, such as People’s Daily, China Education Daily, CAAC Journal, China Aviation News, Xinhua Net, Dazhong Daily, and Shandong Education TV, generating great social impact. In addition, Flying College has obtained many honorary titles in the past years like “Advanced group on university teaching and management of Shandong Province”, “Model Youth League Branch of Shandong Province”, “National Advanced Class”, “Provincial Advanced Class”.

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