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Based on the humanistic, regional advantages, and resources of the Yellow River Delta, and the preponderant disciplines in and of itself, Binzhou University provides talent training, industrial and regional development with solid supports in talents and science and technology by vigorously promoting discipline construction and scientific research, by energetically implementing “the First-class Discipline Construction Plan” and “the 1355 Science & Technology Innovation Project”, by deepening basic researches and strengthening applied researches, by comprehensively integrating industrial and regional scientific innovation systems, and by continuously improving the levels of discipline construction and scientific researches. Binzhou University has 4 joint training bases for postgraduate programs, 6 key disciplines at provincial level, 1 national popular science education base, 9 key laboratories at provincial or ministerial levels (engineering technology research center, research base), 5 (social) popular science education bases at provincial level, 5 key laboratories (research bases) in provincial universities, and 26 innovation platforms at municipal or department levels. In addition, it has established the Yellow River Delta High Efficiency Ecological Economic Development Research Institute and the China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Binzhou Branch, with 14 subordinate scientific research institutions like the Aviation Engineering Institute of Technology, the Yellow River Delta Ecological Environment Research Center, the Yellow River Delta Culture Research Institute, the Sun Tzu Research Institute, etc. In recent years, Binzhou University has undertaken over 50 national scientific research projects and over 400 provincial ones, obtaining over 80 million yuan funding for research spending, and has published more than 180 works, obtained over 600 authorized patents; it has won 1 award in the Mountain Flower Awards of China Folk Literature, 1 award in the Outstanding Achievement of National Social Science Popularization, over 50scientific research rewards at provincial or department levels, and over 1,800 scientific research rewards at municipal or department levels. Studies on the ecological environment of Yellow River Delta, on the culture of Yellow River Delta, on Sun Tzu culture, and on civil aviation are highlighted features of researches in Binzhou University. It actively docks with the developmental strategies like “the Belt and Road”, “the Two Regions and Two Circles”, and “the Civil Aviation Powers Nation”, etc., with “the Ac tion Plan to Serve Yellow River Delta” and “the Action Plan to Serve Aviation Industry” successively implemented, with over 100 cooperative agreements signed with local governments, enterprises, and industries, with over 600 cooperative projects conducted, and with a profit exceeding 10 million yuan for the services. Binzhou University has successively held large academic exchange events including the International Academic Seminar for Environment and Development of Yellow River Delta, the Academic Forum for China and South Korea Food Culture Exchange, the Cross-Strait Summit Forum for the Art of War, the Shandong Social Science Forum, and the Mount. Tai Sci-tech Forum. It also held “the Aviation Lecture Theatre” and “the Yellow River Delta Lecture Theatre”. TheJournal of Binzhou University is listed into “the Famous Journals of National Local Universities”, the column of “Study on Sun Tzu” is listed into “the Famous Programs Construction Projects” of the Ministry of Education, followed by the gradually forming brand effect of academic exchanges.


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