College of Cabin Attendants

ounded in July 2015, CabinAttendantCollege is the youngest college in BinzhouUniversity. There are 13 professional teachers and 4 unofficial professional teachers including 2 senior pursers. Among them, 6 teachers have got the certificates of flight instructor and 5 are the national or provincial Mandarin testers. They have made a number of teaching achievements, basically meeting the teaching requirements.

There are 90 students majoring in theCabin Attendant, all of whom are directly educated for Shandong Airlines Co., LTD. Focusing on the educational objectives, the Cabin Attendant College is earnestly committed to promoting the growth of students and training senior specialized flight attendants with sound foundation, great ability, high quality, fast adaptability, healthy personality, strong social responsibility and solid professional skills in strict accordance with Shandong Airlines training requirements.

The personnel training program is elaborately designed according to the major characteristics. The curriculum system covers basic courses to enlarge the students’ knowledge reservoir,general courses to improve humanity foundations and professional courses to strengthen professional skills respectively. Furthermore, high priority is given tocultivating the students’ service consciousness andservice skills, and fully guaranteeing the teaching quality. In addition, the existing laboratories, such as image design studio, CBT(computer-based training) room, language lab, figure shaping room, tea culture chamber, and wine culture chamber, etc. basically meet the demand of the professional basic courses; The whole layout of cabin attendant training center in the 13th Five-Year Plan has been drafted, and the professional laboratory is now under construction.

Students’ performance is amazing in the discipline competition. They win two first prizes and three second prizes in the Line Dance Competition of “2016 Dancing China (Shandong)”. Meanwhile, they are recommended by the judges to participate in the National Line Dance Competition held in Hangzhou in October 2016, and awarded one first prize and two second prizes. In addition, the awarded rate is as high as 83.3 percent in the 2016 National  College English Competition. More importantly, tests for needed certificates are progressing smoothly for Grade 2015, such as Mandarin Level Test, Computer Test (Level One), Medical First-aid Test, College English Test (Band A), and English Test for Cabin Attendants (Intermediate). The one-time passing rate for the first three tests is 100 percent, and it is 93.3 percent for the latter two tests.

The paramilitary management mode is improved increasingly by implementing the rules and regulations strictly. Without any disciplinary violations, the College has formed the favorable atmosphere of unity, tension, seriousness and energy, equipping the students with the great political, ideological, stylish and certain military qualities. Meanwhile, students gradually possess the positive traits of civilized discipline, gorgeous perseverance and cooperative team spirit.


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