Professor Xu Chunhua was Invited to Come to the School for an Academic Report

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2018-11-23     viewed:10 

On November 13th, Professor Xu Chunhua, a doctoral supervisor of Shandong University, was invited to come to the school to give an academic report entitled “Study on the synergistic promotion of zero-valent iron to remove dye wastewater” in Room 607 of No. 9 Teaching Building.
        In the report, Xu Chunhua gave a detailed explanation on the development and research status of zero-valent iron, the selection of target pollutants, the influencing factors and mechanism analysis of the removal of pollutants, and combined with the weak magnetic field to treat Sb in water. The removal mechanism of III, the vulcanization-modified zero-valent iron and the weak magnetic field to remove azo dyes elaborated on the strategy of improving the performance of zero-valent iron to remove pollutants. Xu Chunhua also had face-to-face exchanges with relevant teachers and students on relevant issues. The report is rich in content, circumstantial, and in-depth, providing good research ideas and methods for young teachers engaged in related research.
        More than 80 teachers and students from the School of Chemical Engineering and Safety listened to the report.

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