Chen Haibin was Invited for an Academic Report

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2018-12-03     viewed:10 

On November 10th, Chen Haibin, an associate professor of Qufu Normal University, was invited to the school to make an academic report entitled Double Random Vector Decomposition in Room 304, No.6 Building.
        In the report, Chen Haibin introduced the actual background of SOS tensor and the current research progress at home and abroad, analyzed the sufficient conditions for several types of SOS tensor detectability, improved the relationship theorem between Brauer inclusion set and Brualdi inclusion set, and gave a polynomial optimization algorithm for class computing tensor minimum H-eigenvalues. He also interacted and exchanged with teachers and students. The report is simple and vivid, and the image is vivid, which has enabled the teachers and students to develop an academic vision. Finally, Associate Professor Chen Haibin exchanged ideas with young teachers of the School of Science.
        Some teachers and students of the Faculty of Science attend the report gathering.

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