Professor Kan Jiangming from Beijing Forestry University was invited for academic report

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2018-12-07     viewed:10 

On November 30th, Professor Kan Jiangming, a doctoral tutor at Beijing Forestry University, was invited to the school to give an academic report entitled “Motion Blur Image Restoration Method” in Room 602 of No. 8 Teaching Building.
        Qi Jiangming has introduced and systematically elaborated on the significance and background of motion blur image research, the current status of image deburring research, current research hotspots and progress, and future research prospects. At the same time, combined with his own scientific research practice, he has studied scientific research work and disciplines in electrical engineering colleges. Specific guidance was given to the professional construction, and specific suggestions were made through interaction with some teachers. The report is rich in content, vivid in image, and profound in simple language. The teachers and students have benefited a lot.
        Some teachers and students of the School of Electrical Engineering listened to the report.

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