Professor Li Junqing from Liaocheng University was Invited to Come to the School for Academic Report

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2018-12-17     viewed:10 

On December 7th, Professor Li Junqing from Liaocheng University was invited to come to the school to give an academic report titled “One Kind of Vehicle Path Optimization Problem with Time Window” for the teachers and students of the College of Science and Technology in Room 308 of No.6 Teaching Building.

 In the report, Li Junqing introduced the actual background of the VRP problem with time window and the current research progress at home and abroad, expounded the latest published research results, analyzed the research status of several types of time-window VRP problems, and commented on the current research hotspots with their prospect, and on-site interaction with the teachers and students. The report is simple and vivid, and the image is vivid, which has enabled the teachers and students to further develop their academic horizons.

 Nearly 50 people and teachers from the Faculty of Science listened to the report.

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