Professor Zhang Xinfang from Beijing University of Science and Technology was Invited to Deliver a Report

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2018-12-24     viewed:10 

On December 10th, Prof. Zhang Xinfang, the deputy dean of the School of Metallurgy, University of Science and Technology Beijing, was invited to come to the school to give an academic report entitled On-line repair of aging performance of nuclear power structural materials in Classroom 210 of No.8 Teaching Building. The teachers and students of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering listened to the report.
        In the report, Zhang Xinfang gave a detailed explanation on the "on-line repair of aging properties of nuclear power structural materials". He combined with domestic and foreign learning and research experience to explain the aging problems and challenges faced in the use of nuclear power plant steel, and introduced electromagnetic metallurgy in metal. Isolation and purification of inclusions, in-situ observation of solidification phase transformation metallurgical process, aging of nuclear steel and life-resistant steel and other scientific research methods, and sharing their own experience in scientific research and teaching process, professional The study of knowledge has made specific recommendations. The report is rich in content, theoretically linked to reality, profound in simple terms, and novel in thought, which has greatly benefited teachers and students. After the report, Zhang Xinfang also interacted with some teachers and students.

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