Professor Lou Jianjun from Shandong Normal University was Invited to come to the school for academic report

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2019-03-28     viewed:10 

On March 12th, the head of the history subject teaching of Shandong Normal University, the master's tutor, and the executive director of the National History Teacher Education Society, Professor Lou Jianjun, were invited to the school. In the 115th building of the No. 2 teaching building, the history teacher and students were entitled Academic report on History Pedagogical Theory and Teaching Construction.
         From what is the function and function of teaching class, teaching method, teaching process, blackboard design, and lectures, Professor Lou suggests teachers should pay attention to the lecture mode and construction and interactions. The report is rich in content, informative and in-depth, and solves many problems that plague teachers and students, which has greatly benefited teachers and students.

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