Professor Chen Feng from Shandong University was Invited to for an Academic Report

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2019-04-08     viewed:10 

On March 29, Prof. Chen Feng, Dean of the School of Physics of Shandong University, was invited to the school to give an academic report titled The Optical Waveguide Structure and Its Application of Ultrafast Laser Direct Writing in Room 410 of No.8 Teaching Building.
         Chen Feng's research background are inclusive from optical waveguides, common optical waveguide preparation methods, basic principles of femtosecond laser and matter interaction, basic preparation methods for femtosecond laser direct writing optical waveguides, applications of femtosecond laser direct writing optical waveguide devices, etc.
         Chen Feng also had a discussion with the School of Aeronautical Engineering and the Faculty of Science in the 4-106 conference room of the Engineering Building, and conducted guidance, discussion and exchanges on the research topics and project application with the young teachers.
         More than 80 teachers and students from the School of Aeronautical Engineering and other departments attended the report.

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