Professor Bu Yuxiang from Shandong University Came to the School for Academic Report

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2019-05-08     viewed:10 

On April 24th, Prof. Bu Yuxiang, a professor and doctoral tutor of Shandong University, was invited to the school to give a lecture on “Complex weak interaction system theory and simulation research” for teachers and students of the School of Chemical Engineering and Safety in Classroom 601 of No.9 Teaching Building. academic report.
        In the report, considering the composition of atoms, molecules and matter, he introduces the development history of theory and computational simulation chemistry, and conducts research work on the solvated electronic structure and the teachers and students. The report is rich in content and informative, which has greatly benefited our teachers and students.
        Prof. Bu also visited the Training Center of the School of Chemical Engineering and Safety.

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