Professor Shen Jiangnan from Zhejiang University of Technology was Invited to Report to the School

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2019-05-10     viewed:10 

Recently, Professor Jiang Jiangnan, a professor and doctoral tutor of Zhejiang University of Technology, was invited to the school to give an academic report entitled “Ion Membrane Structure Control and Ion Separation Performance Research” in Room 604 of No. 9 Teaching Building.
        In the report, Shen Jiangnan explained the selective ion membrane for the separation of magnesium and lithium in salt lake, the preparation of ion membrane for SO42-/Cl-separation, and the preparation of K+ selective ion membrane, and the status of lithium resources in China, respectively. The application prospects and strategies of electric drive membranes are described from the perspectives of lithium extraction technology, SED lithium extraction, and ion selective separation membrane industry. The report is well-informed, informative, and informative, providing good research ideas and methods for young teachers engaged in related research. Shen Jiangnan also had face-to-face communication with teachers and students of our school on relevant issues.
        More than 80 people from the School of Chemical and Safety listened to the report.

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