The School Leaders Visited the Female Staff on the International Women's Day

author:闫倩倩     Release time:2022-03-13     viewed:34 

       To celebrate the 112th International Women's Day and on the morning of March 7, Sun Yinhe, the member of the party committee and vice president, accompanied by the head of the school's Labor Union (Women's Committee), went to the School of Physical Education and the School of Marxism. They visited some front-line female faculty members from the School of Teacher Education, on behalf of the school's party committee, administration and trade union (women's committee), and gave them holiday greetings to all female faculty members.
       Sun Yinhe pointed out that female faculty members are very important in the development of the school's career, and they have played a key role in teaching, scientific research, management and service. On behalf of the school, he thanked the female faculty and staff for their contributions to the school's construction and development, and encouraged them to focus on the overall development of the school in their future work, and to speed up the construction of a high-level application-oriented university with distinctive aviation characteristics. At the same time, he hoped that the school Labor Union (Women's Committee) would further strengthen communication and exchanges with female faculty members by listening to their opinions and suggestions, providing more practical deeds for them, especially the female faculty members in difficulty, and continue to serve them well.
       The interviewed female faculty members expressed their gratitude to the school leaders for their care, and they unanimously expressed that they would stand on a new starting point, show new achievements, better undertake the mission of teaching students, and make greater contributions to the construction and development of the school by making efforts to show the style of the new era of knowledge and new women.

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