Our School Undertakes the Training Class for the Ability Improvement of Teachers and Researchers in Primary and Secondary Schools in Haibei Prefecture

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       From  August 15th to 19th, the Qinghai Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  primary and secondary school teaching and research staff capacity  improvement training project undertaken by our school and co-organized  by Shandong Zaiyu Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. was held in  the Lixue Lecture Hall. Guo Xinwei, member of the Party Committee and  vice president of our school, Wei Wei, deputy director of the Higher  Education Office of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education,  deputy director (temporary post) of the Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous  Prefecture Education Bureau, and Li Yuguo, the deputy director of the  Qilian County Education Bureau, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,  Qinghai Province attended the relevant activities. 30 primary and  secondary school teachers and researchers from Haibei Prefecture  participated in the training course.

Guo  Xinwei said at the opening ceremony that this training class witnessed  the strong friendship between the people of Qinghai and Shandong. On  behalf of the school's party committee, administration and all teachers  and students, he welcomed the leaders and guests who attended the  opening ceremony, congratulated all the students who participated in the  training, and thanked the leaders of the Shandong Provincial Department  of Education and the Qinghai Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  Education Bureau for their trust. He introduced the basic situation of  the school from the aspects of school-running history, school-running  conditions, and teaching staff, especially the school's characteristic  school-running of aviation higher education in recent years, the  construction of application-oriented undergraduate colleges, and the  national strategy of serving the Yellow River national ecological  protection and high-quality development. He said that BZU has abundant  teacher education resources, and has trained tens of thousands of  qualified teachers for Binzhou and even Shandong Province for decades.  As a provincial teacher education base, our school has undertaken 14  provincial training projects since 2011, training 1,948 trainees, and  the training quality has been fully affirmed by all sectors of society.  He said that he will strictly manage the training courses according to  the plan formulated by both parties, conscientiously sum up experience,  and do a good job in training and service.

The  theme of this training is to improve the teaching and research  innovation ability of primary and secondary school teachers under the  background of the new curriculum reform. Focusing on the urgent problems  that need to be solved in teaching and scientific research innovation  under the background of the new curriculum reform, well-known experts,  senior teaching and research experts, outstanding first-line teachers  and principals are invited. The expert team provides professional,  systematic and scientific course support for the trainees.

During  the training, through special lectures, case teaching, experiential  interaction, visiting famous schools, etc., to strengthen on-site  guidance, problem discussion, interactive communication, and doubt  answering; focus on case analysis, and strengthen the image, guidance  and operability of the training; Strengthen task-driven, guide trainees  to carry out exploratory self-study based on reflection, encourage  trainees to participate and experience, analyze and discuss actual  cases, improve professional ability and ability to solve practical  problems, and through problem-leading, cultivate its ability to conduct  action research.

In  addition, through the combination of famous school observation,  situational experience and on-site communication, the trainees and  experts are organized to communicate and share on teaching and  scientific research work, give full play to the students' own abilities,  actively participate in teaching and research activities, and  experience advanced teaching and research concepts. Listen to expert  guidance, reflect on internalization, and effectively improve the  ability of teaching and research innovation practice.

This  training adopts a combination of process evaluation and summative  evaluation, and a combination of qualification evaluation and incentive  evaluation to carry out assessment and evaluation. After the training, a  summative evaluation is formed according to the overall situation of  the trainees completing the training tasks, and outstanding trainees are  selected and commended.

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