The school held a promotion meeting for the recruitment of talents

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       On the afternoon of September 8, the school held a talent recruitment work promotion meeting in Conference Room 210 of the South Building of the Office Building. Member of the Party Committee and Vice President Hu Bo presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Heads of some secondary colleges, scientific research institutions, and personnel offices (talent offices) attended the meeting. 

       Hu Bo analyzed the current situation, opportunities and challenges of talent recruitment in schools. He asked, first, to further improve the position, strengthen the responsibility. Anchor the goal of talent recruitment, take active actions, perform due diligence, and make great efforts to ensure the completion of the annual talent recruitment goal. The second is to further strengthen confidence and courage, and persevere. In the face of difficulties in talent introduction work, we must dare to face the problem, adhere to high standards and strict requirements, and continue to promote the work of talent introduction with high quality. The third is to mobilize again, exert force again, and act again. The main person in charge of the talent introduction unit should focus on the talent recruitment work with the the initiative and efforts , so that the work can go out and talents can be brought in. The fourth is to strengthen assessment and service. Adhere to the Top Talent Project, intensify the assessment of talent work, and implement the one-vote veto system. The personnel office (talent office) must firmly establish the service concept, and work with relevant departments to coordinate, guide, serve, supervise and evaluate  At the meeting, the heads of each unit exchanged speeches on the next step of talent introduction; the main person in charge of the personnel department (talent office) informed the progress of the previous talent recruitment, and made arrangements for the recent talent recruitment.


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